Guys, I've tried to get over it, but I can't hold back any more I need to address this

[]( WHY THE FUCK IS BRAND WEARING PANTS? "Well obviously it's so he's properly covered up, this is a T rated game after all" Yeah, yeah ok, I get you, except HE'S ON FIRE ALL THE TIME. Why don't they burn? What are they made of? Why does he tie belts around the thighs? For 4 years....4 GODDAMN YEARS I have tried to ignore this, ever since I saw his splash for the first time, but the thought has always been there, gnawing, eating away at my sanity. "You're overreacting, they obviously can't show his fiery micropenis in the game" He's not even a fucking person, he's a flame spirit or some shit, you could just make him genderless, but just had to give him pants. You know what pants mean? It means there's something there to begin with, and I have had to live with that knowledge for 4 GODDAMNED YEARS. The knowledge that something is under there...watching....waiting. And I can't take it anymore, I can't be the only one who bears this curse. I'm sorry you have to bear this burden with me, but it's time Riot tell us the truth. Why does Brand need pants? What is he hiding? Do we even want to know? I demand answers after all this time, I've suffered in silence enough.
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