Thoughts on Every Single Champion

NOTE: This list is unfinished, leave suggestions down below for future additions. EDIT: Latest additions will always be at the bottom FYI {{champion:266}} : Who? What is this thing? When did Riot put this "Aatrox" into the game? And there are people who main this guy? {{champion:103}} : We all know why you actually main her... {{champion:84}} : Stand still so I can kill you {{champion:12}} : MOOOOOOO {{champion:32}} : He was emo before it was a thing {{champion:34}} : AP Aatrox {{champion:1}} : Yogi Bear went downhill real fast... {{champion:22}} : So do you still build thornmail? {{champion:136}} : AFK and still win lane {{champion:268}} : SHURIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA {{champion:432}} : Roams more often than the jungler {{champion:53}} : Budget Thresh {{champion:63}} : Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. {{champion:201}} : STAND BEHIND BRAUM!!!! {{champion:51}} : Premium Jhin {{champion:164}} : Remember safety scissors? Well this is them now. Feel old yet? {{champion:69}} : {{champion:31}} : NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM {{champion:42}} : Look both ways before you use your ult {{champion:122}} : NOXUS!!! {{champion:131}} : Pokemon Moon {{champion:36}} : Mundo does what he pleases {{champion:119}} : Sometimes you just need to run it down {{champion:245}} : Time Police {{champion:60}} : Can you land a single cocoon? {{champion:28}} : Looks like Ahri's got some competition {{champion:81}} : I used to be an ADC, untill I took a Smite to the knee {{champion:9}} : You can AFK in the Jungle and no one would notice {{champion:114}} : You'll never find a worthy opponent {{champion:105}} : This is why we shouldn't dump so much toxic waste into our oceans {{champion:3}} : Galio mains didn't exist before 2017 {{champion:41}} : {{champion:86}} : {{champion:150}} : Instant Puberty {{champion:79}} : With all the wine he drinks, you would think he would've been dead a long time ago {{champion:104}} : Oh, so Graves can have his cigar, but Graves can't have his cigar? {{champion:120}} : That horse you killed at the petting zoo is back for more {{champion:74}} : DOOT DIDDLY DONGER CUCKERINO haHAA {{champion:420}} : Tentacles {{champion:39}} : The best part of her is what lies at the bottom, not the top {{champion:427}} : Elderly Maokai {{champion:40}} : {{item:3504}} {{champion:59}} : DEMACIAAAA!!! {{champion:24}} : Unstoppable btw
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