Your Champion is Dying Right in Front of You. What are your Last Words To Them? **Obviously, they'll respawn if it was during a game. But...what would happen if this was their last moment?** --- {{champion:86}} *For the Strength of Demacia had failed him, as he looked up to find a lone figure standing above him. "Forgive me, Jarvan...I have failed you..."* --- {{champion:122}} *Strength through power, it seems, was not enough to save Darius. "For...Noxus..."* --- {{champion:157}} *Vengeance had destroyed his entire body and soul. The winds would blow no more for him...* --- {{champion:17}} *There was one mission this little Bandle City Scout couldn't accomplish. Live a hero alone, die a hero alone...* --- {{champion:15}} *Not all things are weighed in Gold. Sivir's wealth would only fade through the sands of Shurima...* --- {{champion:22}} *Unity, it seems, came at a heavy price. For, the Queen of The Freljord lay dying upon the snowy landscapes of the Howling Abyss...* >**Farewell, brave champions. For, we Summoners have much to say about great Legends long past...**
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