I'm an on-hit champion

{{champion:145}} I'm an on-hit champion {{champion:15}} Ah, so you use your basic attacks to kill enemies? {{champion:145}} Not exactly - I do a lot of magic damage {{champion:42}} Ratio problems, I know the feel {{champion:145}} Well, it's percent health damage {{champion:81}} So you find yourself some mana issues? {{champion:145}} What's that? I rush stormrazor. {{champion:202}} I see you're an artist of some culture as well, and how many shots does your passive stack? {{champion:145}} Uh, four? {{champion:202}} Oh, yes. {{champion:22}} Don't mind him. I'm sure you'll get through the laning phase just fine, though your range leaves something to be desired. {{champion:145}} Oh, no, my favorite thing is to spam from a sc- {{champion:96}} Screen away! Just when they think they're safe - SPLAT! You know they used to catch me playing around with trinity force, but now it's "all the rage" - blade! am i right? It's tough for us no mobility carries out here. {{champion:145}} Hehe, no mobility. Nah, I build strictly AP. I'm an on-hit champion.

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