Patch notes 7.15 - what they really mean :3

Its time for another round OF PATCH NOTES :D , is the beginning of the worlds patch (Edit: beginning of the qualifiers for the world patch) so we decided to do some... interesting stuff this time , hope u enjoy ! :D (IF YOU MISSED THE PREVIOUS PATCH NOTESCLICK [[THIS]]( ) {{champion:6}} - We are removing the champ known as "urgot" from the game and replacing him with a new champ with the same name (Sorry urgot mains </3). This thing is going to be OP on release (Especially in lower elo), so abuse it while you can! (Edit: I was wrong, people aren't having much luck on him XD) Pshh Also, he is really good against tanks since his ult kills enemies based off of remaining HP, dood pick this guy into cho ;) {{champion:84}} - This champ is actually not bad right now, but our boy shiptur said if we buffed akali he would finally carry a delta fox series which would of course boost our LCS views , which equal more revenue... which we would of course spend on making league a better game... of course. So we decided she should be invis more , so lower w cd , o and stronger passive ay. {{champion:268}} - Was buffed, still unplayable. {{champion:31}} - ^ This is bascially cho atm, we could/should nerf his whole "Stoneplate press R oneshot adc" ... but lol that shit to fun so we just nerfing his e XD {{champion:36}} - More magic resist. k {{champion:245}} - Buffed E {{champion:60}} - Less AD , k. {{champion:81}} - Taric is finally strong champ , but he is missing his bae and we need him back in the meta, so ez.. its your time... lower Q cd, cause that will totally help. {{champion:41}} - Passive has 5 more dmg {{champion:39}} - Lower Ult Cooldown, Gbay maybe you will quit complaining about not being able to get masters , "Meddler we can't put that in the patch notes it will trigger some people", sigh ok. {{champion:222}} - Jinx has a lower W cooldown, Now she will be op and will be the best adc! {{champion:141}} - His ult will actually do damage now! I hope everyone is happy this be-kayn a thing ;) {{champion:99}} - Low elo hates her ... Low elo fears her ... because they can't beat her ... Were buffing her, thats about it, time for the boards posts raging :O {{champion:75}} - Guys its time we say farewell to top nasus.... BECAUSE ITS TIME FOR SUPPORT NASUS TO RISE, WE ARE INCREASING HIS E ARMOUR SHRED :D , o ye he also has lower Q cd in ult.. kinda strong but what eva. {{champion:111}} - Q and E dmg up, still no reason to play him over champs like cho... sorry naut ... {{champion:102}} - Meddler: "Shit guys game of thrones season 7 started the dragons hype is gonna build what do we do, well we have shyvana in the game.... - we could give her a kahlessi skin - , mhm no no , lets just buff her... dont wanna spend to many resources on a dead champ ... simmer down simmer down..." {{champion:27}} - We made this champ fun again... and then the boards complained and hotfixed him and now he is meh again.... heh, lets buff him and go through this cycle again ... {{champion:15}} - (Has internal debate on if i should re use this meme...) "Sivir bought a fidget spinner, this has overall upgraded her Q dmg" {{champion:4}} - He moves faster.... {{champion:101}} - Our balance team is actually on vacation so we let @Riot Tantram deal with this one, we didn't actually think he would buff xerath... will be fixed after next patch.. expect to see him at worlds... {{champion:154}} - {{champion:115}} - Ziggs has a new skin coming out but isn't see the play we want him to... lets just buff him! And then people will want to buy the skin :D LASTLY, we nerfed duskblade but lethality still OP, LOL ye its gonna take us a few patchs to nerf it back to hell, until then chow ^_^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Leave a thumbs up and subsc------ "Anthony this isn't your youtube channel, what the hell are you doing....."
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