[Forum Game] Roast Me

Rules: - Friendly banter - Agreeing to not take the comments here personal if you post here - You must roast the person who posted before you or above you - Follow Riot rules - Due to comedy being subjective and boundaries being invisible, please simply request for the comment to be deleted/edited if it does offend you. But do not backlash. This is for fun and by commenting here, you are agreeing to get roasted. - You may set a level of roast availability to show how much you're willing to be roasted: EG Roast Level: 10(Max) with 1 being the minimum - Level 1 would be very light roasts targeting someone's name - You may give information to be roasted on as long as it is not personal information and does not involve other parties - Let the roasts begin (Wait - isn't this toxic? No - this is a friendly game of banter to loosen up a bit)
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