Skins that made a lasting impact on you

Have you encountered a skin that made such an impact on you it made you stop and think about it? Or perhaps think back on it later? I’ve seen this ward skin. I think it’s supposed to be an LCS caster or something. I absolutely hate seeing this little guy get hurt or killed (either by expiration or ward clearing.) i don’t even know why - i just feel so very, very sad when i see it. Like seeing the narrator hurt in a stage play, or a spectator at a circus - i don’t even know what i feel. But it’s genuinely depressing and i feel that pain every time i see the ward skin in game. It cuts deep into my heart every time i see it. In normal games i’ll deliberately leave them standing if i stumble across them. Dragon tamer heimerdinger. Now usually i despise this champion, and i have no problem fighting him. But when the turrets go inactive from his absence? The little baby dragons fall asleep! Small snore bubble and everything. It feels bad to have to destroy them because they provide such an enormous strategic value for their champion that i utterly despise... Gameplay-wise, Gun goddess miss fortune has made the champion playable for me. It went for pre-VGU pulsefire ezreal as well, and dont even get me started on spirit guard udyr, project ashe or the battlecast line.
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