This behavior needs to stop!

Before I explain the matter at hand, first let me introduce myself, I'm a female gamer who is support main since past 5 seasons. I DUO-Q with my Diamond II friend (I started off as Bronze 2, now I'm at Diamond IV too). So, the thing is... I started this one match today where I was planning to play my OTP champ Karma in the Top lane. (Autofill is a bitch) Everything was fine, that is until the enemy team BANNED Karma. Okay, I don't even know how can people enjoy their days by ruining other people's live. I was here all ready to play the game, and the enemy team had audacity to ban my all time OTP, and now I cannot play the game at all. I really don't understand how can people even ban other people's champion in 2k19 and think it is okay at all. I was really hurt by this and felt like crying at the moment but then I realized I'm an independent strong woman who needs no man, so I cried for only 2mins max. This unsportsmanlike and discriminative behavior needs to STOP! RIOT need to take immediate action to stop people from banning champions during banning phase. I recon that only suitable punishment for such an act is Permanent Ban (and maybe a lawsuit depending on how attractive the female victim is). I've already reported all 5 opponents after the match ended (because I didn't knew which one among them banned my beloved Karma). I've also submitted a ticket to RIOT support to ensure that my report don't go unnoticed and these filthy sexists gets what they deserve. P.S. I'm also accepting invitation to Worlds as a professional team player. If anybody is interested, feel free to message me. (And please follow me on twitch:- "xCutieBabyGirl") Thank you. (This thread is satire)
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