We write a letter to Riot, one word at a time. At 100 posts, I write the letter and send it.

One word per post please, and please don't post quickly (wait 4 or 5 posts). I'll start. *Dear* ___ >Dear Rito, >We what want **extensive** information according to Morello about Nidalee spears, and penis, and IP gains. Porn is nostalgic stuff, right? Cho'gath eats rekt candy potatoes with Godzilla. Mundo goes H.A.M. where teemo bathes. >However, what he doesn't realize is: >* Teemo and LC$ are saten >* nerf lee sin >* Nerf bananas wukong >* Nerf ***everything*** while Pandas have nipples. >So, if we explode your team's nexus, We punch Hippopotamus Helmet sincerely, with your wet noodle. Shyvana caused E$PORTS to implode via Hubabaloo. Furthermore, booty we gaslighting need APHROMOO explanation. >In summary, Dingle please stop nerfing, nerf Ahri and Morgana
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