Odyssey Kayn Voice Lines Through 5 Layers of Google Translate

Here are just a few of Odyssey Kayn's voice lines put through 5 layers of google translate. Note that this is the base Kayn where both Kayn and Rhaast are alive. Enjoy! **Spawn with Allied Odyssey Champ** "(Rhaast) Will some people hear me?" "(Kayn) I do not think so." "(Rhaast) So you are crazy and you feel stupid". **First Move** "(Kayn) You have the power to close Raast and I will find it." (Rhaast) "Then, most threats, you know how they like it." **Movement** (Kayn)"I have to shoot bomb attacks from the toilet." (Kayn)"While our unadulterated king sat on the throne, I was sure that I would live a royal life." (Rhaast)"Drink all the drinks and drink." (Rhaast) "I sleep and sleep, the voice of the time! It is closed behind a wall thrown out. " (Rhaast) "Contribute to oppression and lose yourself in me". (Rhaast)"Ask yourself for the tools, just you deserve." **Conversations (triggered by movement)** (Kayn) "Open my power, I ordered!" (Rhaast) "Come on, worry." (Kayn) "What is the voice of life today?" (Rhaast) "Go to hell Kayn." (Kayn) "There has already been Rhaast." **Respawn** (Kayn) "I'm not sure you've downloaded me". (Rhaast) "Want to die?" (Kayn) "... No" Thank you, hope you enjoyed!

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