The face behind the Metal (late 40K Upvote thread) With the recent drama on these boards I came to realize how much of a community we really are, every individual on these boards contributing to this close-knit family brought together by this awesome Game. Now, I'm no stranger to these parts, in fact I'm a pretty active forum lurker, having started as nothing more than a man whose enthusiasm over this one champion "Mordekaiser" made him actively try to promote his cause during the times of the Juggernaut update. It's been a bit over a year and here we are. I've made a lot of new friends over the past 13 months or so, all thanks to being pretty vocal about Mordekaiser. Anyways, I'm digressing. I never actually thanked all of you for making my stay here on the boards so enjoyable so to celebrate US as a community I've decided to spill the beans who this "MALICIOUS METAL" really is. *Drum roll* **Just some random metalhead** I've recently debunked ANY rumor to me actually having two X chromosomes, sorry to disappoint. I, just as so many forum lurkers, am a rather young male gamer from the wicked lands beyond massive mountain peaks, a land filled with torment and anguish; SWITZERLAND! Some people thought I was either Finnish or Scandinavian, based on the fact that I'm a huge metal fan. Close, but no cigar. I'm from one of the smallest European countries, one in where education's one of the most important things in our everyday life. That's why I've been studying for way over thirteen years, way over half my life I've spent on school, and STILL COUNTING! I'm currently attending University in Zurich, studying both English and History as my primary subjects in hopes to become a High school teacher in about 3 and a half years. English has always been my fascination, having become quite proficient at it by simply reading English books, watching TV shows and GAMING. Being the geek that I am I've come to write a lot of stories, having written two short fantasy stories as my High school graduation paper, having even scored the highest of my entire class (Hooray for being Numero UNO) So, beyond that, what's there to know? **I'm half Swiss, half Italian** My Mother's parents did immigrate from Italy in search for work and thanks to them my mother met my Father who was one of the best (if not the only) IT specialist in town. Fast forward six years and I'm born. On the eighth of may 1996, having just reached my twenty first year on this planet (Damn I feel old TwT) Having grown up in a multilingual household made me quite the prodigy when it came to learning new languages that's why I'm currently fluent in English, German, Italian while also being decent at French and having some basic knowledge of Spanish **I love animals** I've always liked animals, having grown up knowing nothing else. We've had almost a hundred different cats, always multiplying and kittens popping up like mushrooms. But cats aren't the only pets I have, having had a few parrots, fish and a Gecko, the latter having outlived them all! And it doesn't end there, I actually frequently take my friend's two german shepherds for walks and play fetch with 'em. **I'm kinda creative(?)** Besides loving to write my own stories and such I'm actually rather decent with the pencil, loving to sketch and draw, sometimes even coloring the sketches with Photoshop. I didn't get an electronic device until I was about eleven so I had plenty of time to kill, drawing always having been one of my favorite activities alongside fishing and playing the guitar. **I'm somewhat of a Game-nerd** Wischer, Dragon Age, League of Legends, you name it, I'm really into games, and not only the gaming aspect of it. I like drawing fan art, to discuss these games with friends, sometimes write reviews and such and even Cosplay! **Bonus Image of Both Morrigan and Hawke** So, having taken the first step I challenge YOU to share some of your SCANDALOUS secrets with us so that we can get to know the people behind the usernames and MEMES. Malicious Metal, Out! (And feel free to AMA)
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