Time to throw some shade bois

[](https://avatar.leagueoflegends.com/NA/Died%20to%20Gromp.png) Laughing Fish? More like... chortling... pescal... glub... your name is stupid. And you keep disappearing, you capering carp. Malicious Metal? I can Certainly(T) say I know what you're a-bot. ;D Also your invincible metal frame is looking a bit rusty. Dr. Sona X Rubick? More like Dr. Sona X Shitpost. It's like he/she/Rubix cube doesn't realize you can just comment on posts instead of making new ones. I realized we need this post because of you. TyrekGoldenSpear. Not even going to start with what Goldenspear is supposed to be indicative of. :/ Big Lincoln. For some reason is very paranoid about going to theaters and helped make Captain America: Civil War start. Also he has a Napoleon complex. Embertine? More like Embventure Tine. I would say I think you're female, but I don't want another RaptorKarr on our hands. Ralanr, you changed your icon from the badass Sion gear to a fucking rooster. Now I don't recognize you half the time and it feels like you made our relationship complicated. ...oh, wait, I'm supposed to make fun of you... uh... I heard you wear electric socks to keep your feet warm, ya little wimp! Yeah, nailed it. Glory in Death? Ugh. The beta male of Sion mains. Tides of Blood or Blood Magicks, so many fucking name changes I think you're two different people but it's too bloody hard to find out. Also I heard hemomancers, even male ones, experience certain side effects of menst- anyway, let's move on. Tidal Tyrant... that EU server pirate Jack sparrow wannabe orange-bitin' pistol whippin' speckle-faced lice-scalped scraggy-bearded one-armed self-pitying kraken-fearing barrel-storin' honorless scallywag who keeps bragging about how he gets to play with Evil Steel or whatever his name is. XTRMNOOB1337... your name reminds me of those 9 year olds on CoD who don't realize that people don't want to hear them rage in their pre-pubescent whiny voices on voice chat. Not that I ever played CoD, just saying that your name belongs on a trick shot channel. Heretic Lunari. You and Tides of Blood should be a ship because nature set the precedent. Dominick Destine, flashing that season 3 icon and probably stopped using the Boards as catharsis for his failing pop album. You remind me of Squidward, or Creed from the Office. A Superb Villain... running short on your witty comebacks? Why shrink away now? You have new heights to reach. MavenSong... plays his game fully zoomed in all the time. Also used to have a cooler name but changed it to some elvish BS and then disappeared, most likely to hide from the ninja of justice. HateDaddy... the name suited for the angriest pimp alive. And no, that is not a compliment. ~~Melledorkeykong~~ Melledoneus... where to begin. Ah, yes, his shitty Jojo memes he makes by searching up "Jojo's bizarre adventure gifs" on google images. His supposedly informed knowledge on gameplay yet he's in Bronze 1. His icon-line champion scenarios that he gets lucky with and that net him upvotes. His insane abuse of free upvotes in Jhin threads. His awful puns. His procrastination that leads to him getting nowhere in life. The fact that he tapes strainers to his face and does Bane impressions to the local birds to assert his dominance... ok, this is getting personal. Time to end this. Riot... freaking renames the "Boards" to "Community" and throws off my groove for a month. Thanks guys. Sincerely, A Plat 2 Gromp main
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