TFT's RNG is strategic, don't let anyone else say otherwise

[League of Legends Update 07/07/19] "Teamfight Tactics Infecting the Summoner's Rift..." Our new game mode, TFT, has been a very vibrant and brilliant gameplay, enjoyed by many of you tactician summoners around the globe. We're aware that we still need to keep improving it, but with how well TFT has been doing, we've been wanting to spread its magic to the Summoner's Rift in your games. Here's a little recap of what our team agreed upon! - Items in the shop will now be randomized! Just like in TFT, you'll have a set of 6 items to buy. Every 1:30 minutes, it will refresh, showing new items. Every second item bought will blend in with the previous, forming an even stronger item! We know that learning all the recipes will take time, but no worries, they're simple! For example, buying a B.F Sword followed by another B.F Sword will give you an Infinity Edge! - Randomized damage factor! It wasn't in TFT, but we wanted to try it out. From now on, all ongoing damage will have a randomized factor of between 50% to 150%- this will allow for real strategic thoughts on when going in- you may get some extra damage, or you might fail! It's all in the mind! - Levelling failure! Imagine going in lane, and your opponent is about to level up... and boom! They don't! With the new levelling failure system, there is a 30% chance that you won't level up at all- so you need to be careful! If it happen, you'll lose 10% of your total EXP. Watch out for that early game! - Champion randomization chances! Now, just think about this... you're playing Yasuo top, and boy oh boy, you're against Darius... not the best match. This is where things get spicy! Every matches, there's a 5% chances that every summoner's champion will be randomized into something else. This can create epic matches with amazing and surprising set ups- and boom. You're Yasuo, and you're going against Soraka. Isn't that amazing?

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