Which Champion represents your best friend.

Since my family post got quite the response, I shall search for more answers about people :D My best friend... probably be represented by http://t08.deviantart.net/AQjIzQhBJpyN4tGtGsHn54PMQPA=/fit-in/700x350/filters:fixed_height(100,100):origin()/pre12/fb62/th/pre/i/2016/177/3/b/_league_of_legends__taric__render__by_popokupingupop90-da7p2zx.png Never have I before met a person as kind and warmhearted as him. He never wavers under any circumstances, and always has some soft humor to cheer up my day. Reserved and lovable to say the least. What about your best friends? http://img.pandawhale.com/129772-bring-it-on-gif-Zhxw.gif Seriously...if you want to..._bring it on._
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