This is your chance, Riot! Show us that you actually care!

[]( Get this poor soul to safety, find him a therapist, get this poro some help. It may look happy on the outside, but we all know it's just trying to put a brave face on for all the other poros. We all deal with life and have hard problems, but we can all be afraid to ask for help. We think we can deal with our problems on our own, but the reason burdens are so heavy is because they are meant to be shared. Find a loved one, a friend, or even professional help. Help those around you help yourself. Do yourself a favor and never resort to this, that abyss is very deep and who knows what kind of foul things are at the bottom? I know it's hesitant. It occasionally regrets it and comes back toward the bridge, but it keeps getting dangerously close to that edge, and waits for long periods of time, contemplating the jump. It hasn't been pushed over the edge yet. There is hope, we can reach this poro. Riot, this has gone on long enough. It's time for you to take action. Send someone to help that poro. There is no reason not to. If Braum knew about this, he would go, but alas I had his number on my last phone and nobody bothers to get this guy's email. Regardless, you know what must be done. #Save Ledge Poro
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