Which die would you roll to summon a champ to tutor you?

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This page allows you to roll virtual dice using true randomness, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.
One sunny morning you got up to eat your favorite cereal. When you pour the cereal into the bowl, out comes 3 dice and a booklet.. A closer look at the die reveals 6 champions on each side of the dice... Die#1.{{champion:103}} 2.{{champion:22}} 3.{{champion:55}} 4.{{champion:254}} 5.{{champion:21}} 6.{{champion:84}} Die#2.{{champion:86}} 2.{{champion:236}} 3.{{champion:157}} 4.{{champion:90}} 5.{{champion:110}}6.{{champion:4}} Die#3.{{champion:143}} 2.{{champion:62}} 3.{{champion:61}} 4.{{champion:107}} 5.{{champion:102}} 6.{{champion:17}} The booklet is an guide on how to use the dice. " Congratulations LoL fan on getting the summoner dice. You can only use one of the three dice for a chance in a lifetime to be tutored by a LoL champion. However, should you roll the die keep in mind that you have only 3 years to get **True Loves Kiss** or the champion will remember nothing of you and will return back to where they came. You LoL fan, will remember the things they taught you but *WILL NOT* ***REMEMBER*** anything (the time you spent with champion) other than you met them once and nothing else. If you did get *True Loves Kiss*, you may walk between their world and yours. Good luck LoL fan." A die of women, men, and others, you ponder which die you should roll. How cool it would be to learn the way of magic, sword, bow, ninja,....and actually have a chance to meet them. ___________________________________________________ Which die would you guys like to roll and which champ you hope you will get to meet? Would you care if they remembered you or not? Would you care if you don't get to keep your memories of the time that was spent tutoring you?? Do you want to see their world or no? Do you even want a True Loves Kiss???? ______ This is just for fun. ty and enjoy!

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