Jax Facts.

1. Jax can skip leg day. 2. Jax can perform a spin and a jab with his lamp post. At the same time. 3. Jax used to be a lumber jack. Which is why Maokai got so pissed and wanted to kill everyone. 4. The river in Summoner's Rift is caused by Jax's leap strike with a real weapon. 5. The institute of War once placed restrictions on Jax. They didn't lift it, Jax beat the restrictions until they broke. 6. Jax died 10 years ago, but Kindred's too scared to tell him. 7. Jax is actually a helicopter. 8. Jax can surprise anyone. 9. Jax can block arrows, bullets, missiles, cannons, explosives, fire, ice, lightning, and bananas. 10. How is Zac created? He is created by Jax repeatedly bashing a man until he is a pulp, then continued bashing it to give it life. 11. Garen and Tryndamere learned their spins from Jax, but Jax is the only man that can spin his weapon without spinning himself. 12. The reason why Jax wears a mask is because his face is a Real Weapon. 13. If he wanted to, Jax can destroy the attack speed cap by repeatedly bashing it. 14. Jax can stop Malphite's unstoppable force. 15. Jax broke Riven's sword. 16. Jax can destroy the fountain by bashing it. 17. Jax can destroy the Nexus. While all the towers are still standing. 18. Jax can kill the shop keeper. 19. Jax is actually in charge of the Institute of War, and he watches Champions fight as a pass time. 20. Jax can kill another champion during Zhonya's. 21. Why does Baron have so many eyes and is purple? Because he is Jax's pet. 22. Jax can bake the Biscuits of Rejuvenation. 23. Jax can wear two different boots. 24. One day Jax went fishing. Fizz and Nami joined the League. 25. Jax can actually perform ranged attacks. But that's too overpowered. 26. Jax is actually a better baskball player than Darius. 27. Jax can use more than 6 items at once. 28. The reason why Jax's counterstrike only lasts a few seconds is because any longer he would take off and leave the map. 29. Jax can see you sitting at your computer. 30. Jax's power level is over 9000. 31. And yes, this isn't even his final form. 32. Jax is in every League of Legends game, you just can't see him. 33. Jax is a friend of Amumu's. 34. Jax can attack his teammates. 35. If Jax uses counterstrike for an extended period of time, he can create a blackhole. 36. Jax can pick up Katarina's daggers. 37. Jax drew the splash art of his own skins. 38. Jax gets a VIP seat to all of Pentakill's concerts. For free. 39. Jax is immune to Exhaust, he just pretends to slow down to make the enemy feel better. 40. Jax's lamp post is the Wriggle's Lantern. 41. Jax can use the Titanic Hydra and the Ravenous Hydra at the same time. 42. Jax was once spotted in Dota 2. 43. Chuck Norris once Round House Kicked Jax. Jax used counterstrike and dodged it. League of Legends was published the next day.
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