[8/9/2016] Update for clarity regarding allowable topics in Memes & Games

Hello Memes & Gamers, Lately we've been reviewing the posting Guidelines for Memes & Games and comparing it to the content that is getting posted here. While most of what is getting posted follows the listed Guidelines, there has been a lot lately that doesn't belong. Normally, that's common with sub-Sections and we remove and redirect those posts as part of daily posting. However, the amount of content that doesn't belong here has been trending up and when it's been removed there has been some negative feedback from some of you here in Memes & Games. With that in mind, we're here today to clarify what is and isn't allowed in Memes & Games to help make things easier for everyone. **Allowed topics:** * Memes * Jokes * Humor posts * Forum Games Anything that doesn't fit into one of those four categories in terms of the intent of the overall post (ie: its context) does not meet the Guidelines for posting in Memes & Games and will be removed and redirected to what we deem the appropriate sub-Section. This means simply adding a meme image to a post to try to validate it while the rest of the post has a completely different context will result in the post being removed and redirected. Anything that is borderline or hard to discern in terms of context/content may also be removed and redirected. There are some types of Forum Games that we want to also post some clarification and guidelines for. These are things like Contests and forum-based RPG games. * Contests - It is acceptable to run a contest like the recent fiction contest, but the coordinator will need to create one main post that players will then post their submission in. Separate standalone posts will be removed and redirected, so make sure as the contest creator that you're providing proper guidelines for posting in your contest thread or your competitors won't enjoy your contest much. * Forum-based RPG - It is acceptable to run a D&D-style campaign fully on the Boards, however you will want to have the DM create the official post and then all interaction will need to be done inside that post and not in separate posts. The theme here, if you haven't noticed, is to keep anything that may not be acceptable on its own but which is acceptable in a coordinated context inside one main post. This prevents Memes & Games as a whole from being spammed with posts that have no place here on their own. Now to clarify some topics we've been seeing that aren't allowed and will be removed going forward/continue to be removed. * @ posts targeted at other Memes & Gamers * Standalone RP/Contest submission posts * Custom Game Mode rules for use in League * Posts discussing Memes & Games as a whole * Gameplay posts * Fan art posts All of these types of discussions have sub-Sections already associated with them, including "community" posts. General Discussion is the "community" sub-Section for the Boards where generic topics are allowed. Alternately you can post them in Miscellaneous. We hope this helps to clarify what is and isn't allowed in Memes & Games. These are still the same Guidelines that are currently in place and have been in place for a while now. Please keep them in mind when creating your post as we'll be fully enforcing them going forward.
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