Everything I hate of every Champion

I have been seeing a lot of post comparing champs and asking how can you hate X if Y exist but the thing is, I hate most already here is why. {{champion:266}} : Just Die! {{champion:103}} : Stand still for the love of god {{champion:84}} : Stop being invisable and fight me {{champion:12}} : Milk what?! {{champion:32}} : Why are you so fast {{champion:34}} : Let me push {{champion:1}} : {{summoner:4}} {{champion:22}} : Why am I so slow {{champion:136}} : The boop line ain't said enough {{champion:268}} : Who even likes to shuffle board? {{champion:432}} : Too much lane pressure {{champion:53}} : A hook can cost the game for any team {{champion:63}} : Why is he allowed to support {{champion:201}} : I wish I had a mustach like him {{champion:51}} : Sooo when are you weak again? {{champion:164}} : Jet fuel can't melt steel legs {{champion:69}} : No boots yet walks all over me {{champion:31}} : AOE silence are annoying {{champion:42}} : What do I build agginst you {{champion:122}} : I never liked basketball {{champion:131}} : I thought Leona had the shield {{champion:36}} : No Mundo you are in MY tower leave me alone {{champion:119}} : One mistake and might as well ff {{champion:245}} : I get the shield but why does it stun {{champion:60}} : I still don't get why it stuns and not simply snares {{champion:28}} : Why even ward? {{champion:81}} : Why is he never compleatly away from the meta {{champion:9}} : I am scared yet I can not scream {{champion:114}} : I get in lane, go away, come to lane, go away, come to lane, finally its behind me {{champion:105}} : E {{champion:3}} : Q is annoying {{champion:41}} : Late game {{champion:86}} : Giant swords from the sky is not JUSTICE {{champion:150}} : There he goes, hitting me yet I can't touch him {{champion:79}} : Early dmg is way too high {{champion:104}} : Smokescreen is annoying {{champion:120}} : His splash always makes me think he is a spider not a horse {{champion:74}} : I can't never pronaounce his name right {{champion:420}} : I seen way too much hentai {{champion:39}} : Better nerf Irelia {{champion:427}} : Stop stealing my buffs {{champion:40}} : Stop {{champion:59}} : Spear is a horrible melee weapon {{champion:24}} : Where you even get that lamp post? {{champion:126}} : I miss when he bought tears not me {{champion:202}} : 4 is an horrible number {{champion:222}} : Late game {{champion:429}} : I never want to be a support to her, the ult is annoying. {{champion:43}} : Why does she do dmg? {{champion:30}} : Recalling with low health after a fight, NOPE {{champion:38}} : Mobility {{champion:55}} : I pinged MIA bot why you engage? {{champion:10}} : Why is the Ult on such a short CD? {{champion:85}} : Why is his split-push build allowed? {{champion:121}} : Bugs, never liked them {{champion:203}} : Why can you kite so easily? {{champion:240}} : Skarl no stay away {{champion:96}} : Late game {{champion:7}} : Why can't I move? {{champion:64}} : His bullsh*t Riot nerf shield {{champion:89}} : I just want to farm {{champion:127}} : I just want to move {{champion:236}} : Stop moving and let me hit you {{champion:117}} : I am not an animal {{champion:99}} : Her laugh {{champion:54}} : Insert rock joke {{champion:90}} : Stop coming bot go back mid {{champion:57}} :Insert wood joke {{champion:11}} : Low elo dream crusher yet will never amass to something more {{champion:21}} : Lethailty Build {{champion:82}} : I don't even understand how he killed me {{champion:25}} : Please don't report I was hit by a q not afk {{champion:267}} : I never liked bubbles {{champion:75}} : Stop ignoring me to farm and fight me {{champion:111}} : Great I can't move in toplane neither {{champion:76}} : I was an adventurer once, until I got hit with a spear and am dead now. {{champion:56}} : Insert Darkness Pun {{champion:20}} : Stop taking my camps {{champion:2}} : Leave my adc alone {{champion:61}} : Eyes on the ball ALWAYS {{champion:80}} : Early game {{champion:78}} : I finally in the fight aaaand I'm out {{champion:133}} : Let me farm! {{champion:497}} : Mobility on a support?! {{champion:33}} : Not Ok {{champion:421}} : I don't like bugs {{champion:58}} : Early Game is more annoying {{champion:107}} : He healed how much? {{champion:92}} : Mobility CC and burst... such fun {{champion:68}} : Fire Bad {{champion:13}} : So tell me again why they don't want his snare to be the skill shot {{champion:113}} : Riot refusal to care for her after cinderhulk {{champion:35}} : Cause stealth is such fun gameplay feature {{champion:98}} : I miss old Shen, was more my playstyle {{champion:102}} : Oh hi Shy haven't seen you all game were wh - Oh my god where did my life go {{champion:27}} : Rule #1 of LoL: Never chase Singed {{champion:14}} : The range on that slow {{champion:15}} : Late game {{champion:72}} : But I don't want to go {{champion:37}} : ARAM {{champion:16}} : Ignite should kill... God damit {{champion:50}} : Why is he not dying {{champion:134}} : The range on her stun {{champion:223}} : I am not into vore dude {{champion:163}} : Her W {{champion:91}} : Parkour {{champion:44}} : One can't say no if they are stunned {{champion:17}} : Mushroom = Minefield {{champion:412}} : Overloaded kit + wife steal should be reportable {{champion:18}} : Rockets are not the same as jetpack {{champion:48}} : His states... My states {{champion:23}} : Tower dive {{champion:4}} : Stuns for days {{champion:29}} : What you mean I am in danger there is no one here? {{champion:77}} : Stop split pushing and teamfight {{champion:6}} : Stop pocking me {{champion:110}} : Stop pocking me {{champion:67}} : Late game {{champion:45}} : Why does he get 300 ap while I only get 100 at 20 min? {{champion:161}} : Math {{champion:254}} : Punk rock ain't even that good {{champion:112}} : Comfirned Pokemon nerd {{champion:8}} : His voice {{champion:106}} : I would put " Insert bear pun" but Riot already has {{champion:19}} : What are Warwick treats? are they like scooby snack or something else? {{champion:62}} : Spin to win {{champion:498}} : Too edgy 4 me {{champion:101}} : Stun is annoying {{champion:5}} : No one can pronounce his name correctly {{champion:157}} : {{champion:157}} {{champion:83}} : W {{champion:154}} : I need to ward everywhere {{champion:238}} : {{champion:238}} {{champion:115}} : My Tower {{champion:26}} : Nothing really ( not baised at all) {{champion:143}} : The twist she was the carry all along
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