Let's make some League puns!!!

If Faker played Pantheon would that make him Baker? Who's Runeterra's best selling Popstar? {{champion:103}} anna Grande! How does {{champion:89}} like her eggs? Sunny Side Up!!!!!! What kinds of drugs do Yordle's take? {{champion:150}} cotics !!!! Why did {{champion:83}} hit{{champion:4}} with his shovel? Cuz TF digs {{champion:104}} and that's Yorick's job!!!! What did Leona say to her gf when she got home? I was {{champion:131}} see you!!! (I'm not sorry Face the Sun) Why is everyone's favorite Rune Mage a virgin? He just can't {{champion:13}} to the occasion. What's {{champion:236}} 's least favorite chore? Taking out the {{champion:412}} . Ok, I'm done, my mission in life has been accomplished. I can die a happy man now.
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