I'd like to start an initiative to remind Riot...

Hi folks, So, this will be another Yorick thread (you must be jokin'...). Everyone can clearly see that, this Yorick skin topic divide people into two camps: the ones who'd like to have a quality skin as soon as possible and the ones who don't. As a Yorick main i represent the first camp, but i can fully understand the others. There were so many Yorick threads, people got fed up with them (at least some of them). So if you represent the second camp feel free to leave the discussion, because what I'll suggest might drive you into rage (more likely if you're a Jhin main). So, we have this little meme on this boards with Jhin: yep you guessed it right, which envolves 4, 44, 444 and so on. I think it won't be a bad idea to have one for Yorick too, just with 6, 66, 666... to remind Riot. It might sound too radical or disgraceful for the ones whose hate Yorick, but for the others it would be a great idea to express our love towards our dear Mori (at least I suppose it would be). So, from now i would like to start this initiative to remind Riot Games Yorick is still the same guy he was 6 years ago, not a completely new champion, so he deserves a quality (not 520 RP...) skin. If you sympathize only just a little bit with the Yorick community upvote every Yorick post you see, and every comment in it. This post might get downvoted to oblivion, but I don't care as long as it delivers the message to those who matter. GL&HF http://imgur.com/E28bz5S
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