How to design your own CertainlyT champion 101, THE POST!

Hello ladies and gentleman, fellow appache helicopters and Volibear mains! I wholeheartedly welcome you to the first ever course on how to design a CertainlyT champion! Before we start I would like to remind you that any consumption of drinks or snacks are prohibited during the show, including tide pods, I thank you very much for your understanding! Now let's get right into it shall we? And since I have a good mood today, I will also be designing a champion along side with you to have the best learning experience on the whole boards! First before actually thinking of any abilities you have to make some hard decisions. For example you have to not only decide what role your champion should cover from the beginning but also what his design is. Keep in mind that it is a huge commitment in champion ability design to first chose the champion aesthetics. While doing so you have to absolutely consider that even the champion aesthetics and the abilitiy design yet to be born from it are not only fun to play as but also against. Luckily we are designing a CertainlyT champion so you can completely ignore all above mentioned points and get right into the fun part! Wooohoo! The passive: Now here is what other champion designers do wrong when it comes to CertainlyT champions, they try to make the passive have an impact on the rest of the kit and therefore design this ability right of the bat. We are going to skip the passive for now and I will tell you why later on! The Q spell: Ahh the bread and butter of any CertainlyT champion! With bread and butter I of course mean that you have to give your opponent the feeling that this ability somehow has a lower cooldown than Karthus Q while being one of the highest impact spells in your kit. The next quintessentail thing is that this ability has to give the illusion of counterplay. What I mean is that it only has to LOOK like it can be counterplayed but doesn't actually have to be interactive, whether its counterplay aspects are hidden through the rest of the kit or the ability is only theoratically counterable is up to you. The second way is rather easier. In the meantime I have decided to design an ADC! And the Q spell goes as follows: Charge a powerful shot and enhance your next auto attack which can be blocked by minions. W and E: These are the spells that make CertainlyT champions, CertainlyT champions. The absolute most important thing to keep in mind is that at least one (preferably both) abilities piss a lot of people off. Now pissing people off is a piece of cake nowadays. I find Akali a fun champion to play against and boom, 20 downvotes as easy as that. But to truly become the next CertainlyT you have to get this to the next level. You have to make these abilities so abnormaly ~~toxic~~ _interactive_ that even your own team gets pissed off because of it. The best and easiest way to approach this is to add RNG elements into those abilities. Also, alltough this is already clear I guess but I thought I would just point it out anyway, the abilities, if your champion has any resources, can be spammed off cooldown without ever running OOM. For my champion I thought of this: E: Passive ability: Your auto attacks have a 5% chance to insta kill enemies, additionally your Q now can go through minions. W: Upon activation your auto attacks knock back people (5 seconds uptime 5.1 seconds cooldown) The ultimate spell: Now I know what you are thinking "dude this spell must be the most interactive thing in his kit!". Actually no, surprisingly enough the R spell is a spell only to ENHANCE the other abilities but not a spell on its own. Let me elaborate. My champions R spell goes as follows: After succesfully hitting someone with your interactive Q spell they get marked. You can ult marked targets and fire an exceptionally powerful shot that deals 40% max Hp true damage! As you can see the ultimate has no counterplay on its own but rather works off the counterplayability of another spell. If you couldn't stop the Q you automatically can't stop the R. Your champion is almost done! Now we get back to the passive! Remember? The one we left out earlier. The reason why we do it now is to make sure the passive has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the kit. If you designed the passive from the beginning you would be clouded with ideas on how to implement it in the rest of the kit in a unique way, we don't want that. The passive or passives, yes you heard it right, as the designer of a CertainlyT champion you have the unique privilege of adding numerous passives! Whatever they may be they need to have the following in common: They have to be as generic as possible and be put somewhere where it can't be interacted with (for example auto attacks), additionally they have to be buffs to stats or a utility spell that can be activated with the least amount of effort imaginable (again, auto attacks). It isn't needed to hide these spells behind a counterplay mask but if you can, go for it. That gives the fanbase another way to defend the champion design. My champions passive would go like this: You have longer AA range towards targets with greater health than you. Clearly the counterplay here is to not buy health and go IE on Maokai. Only one step left! As a true CertainlyT designer you have not wasted a single thought to the lore of your champion, good job! The most elegant way to write a lore is to just follow the newest lore meta in league, which is balantly overpowered characters that shouldn't be in league in the first place. Let me show you an example: Add'Car is a voidborn, aspect of targon demigod that fights an eternal war. He has a gay Darkin trapped inside of him named Aanuz and a human (also gay) named Frederic Ister that tries to kill the Darkin. When Frederic Ister destroys Aanuz, Add'Car will get his old powers back and rule over Runeterra! Or something like that, the lore of a CertainlyT champion isn't important anyway Tadaaa your champion is done! Post your design in the comments to show everyone how good of a CertainlyT you truly are! Please don't leave any junk here while you go! Yes I'm talking to you Dave! I wish everyone a nice and interactive day! can leave now.... No I mean it, seriously fuck off
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