Doors of Fate: An Experiment

EDIT! **Skins Concept Art Q&A is LIVE! **[Go ask 'em your questions!]( We’ve noticed you like Q&As, so we’ve been organizing a few more. But we had an idea this week. What if YOU decided which Q&A we do next? After that idea, I had another. What if we also created a new game to facilitate all this? I then had more ideas, but they were dumb. Anyway, I’ve put together 3 different Q&As that we could host. Which one you’ll get is up to you and a little bit of fate. This is an experiment, so let’s walk through how it’ll work: From now until 2:00pm PST on Saturday June, 21st 2014, you’ll be able to vote on one of three doors (red, gold, or blue). When the window closes, the door with the most votes will unlock to reveal the participants, topic and time of the Q&A you’ll get. You can change your vote at any time, so we expect some heated debate and lobbying for which door is the best door. Not in the mood to mash out a comment? You can still use the arrows on the voting system to participate. Or pass the experiment around on whatever social media you do your sharing. There are three important things to know before posting: 1. The Universal Rules are in effect, so [please take a second to review]( 2. Please [give us feedback]( about this experiment, but not in this thread. Posting feedback in this discussion will clutter the comments about which door is better and make it harder to properly consider the merits of red, gold, or blue. 3. We will be giving you several hints while the window is open, so check back often for updates. THE DOORS HAVE OPENED! * [**Red Door:** David "Phreak" Turley]( - Q&A will be re-added to the pool * [**Gold Door:** Voyboy from team Curse]( - Q&A will be re-added to the pool * [**Blue Door:** Skin concept art team]( - Q&A will begin at 2pm PST on Monday, June 23rd **Edit**: *Fixed "give us feedback" URL*
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