A tiny bit of Yuumi's Voice Lines put through 5 Layers of Google translate (warning:kinda lame)

Here are a few of Yuumi's lines put through 5 layers of google translate. Sorry that they aren't as good as Illaoi's or Aurelion Sol's. Hope you can enjoy! :) **First Encounter: Azir** "Wow, one of the giant trash boxes, grandparents.” **First Encounter: Kog’Maw** “Oh! Kog'Maw! I'm still coughing.” **First Encounter: Plant Champions** "I plant them with leaves and eat everything!" **First Encounter: Teemo** “Teemu; Surely this guy can not eat. He certainly can not eat. " **First Encounter: Warwick** "It's wise, that is, the dog will grow mad and noisy." **First Encounter: Poppy** "Did you see my owner? It's size." **Attach to Ally Brand.** "Oh, you're hot. Who's the fur burning!" **Attach to Ally Cho’Gath** "Am I going on wheat?" **Attach to Ally Lucian** "Do not worry, there is nothing to make magic and cats in the pictures." **Attach to Ally Poppy** "You expect a little yard." **When Attached Ally kills** "It's not for our Hercules men!" "Will you kill us?" **When Attached Ally attacks enemy** "Hurry! Kick behind you and lie" Hope you enjoyed! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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