Fixing every balance problem with League

Disclaimer: Just in case you didn't see the Memes & Games tag, this is not to be taken seriously. We all know League isn't perfect. Especially the last few season have been quite controversial. However, I believe League can become great again with just a few small changes I outlined in this post. --- **Runes** The first problem we're going to solve is Runes Reforged. The Runes add unnecessary damage to the game and have proven to cause a myriad of balance issues. Some runes are op, others are useless, some champions only have one keystone, others have none, you know the deal. At this point I think it's best for the game to remove runes altogether. Think of all the overpowered champion + rune combinations that would get balanced in an instant. Dark Harvest Karthus, Hail of Blades Jhin, Phase Rush Nasus, Electrocute everyone, etc. Additionally, the game becomes more beginner friendly and removes "wrong" choices, like not picking attack speed on an ad jungler. **Items** Items have the same problems and even more. Many champions are locked into certain build paths, at which point the stats the item provides might as well be part of your champion's growth rates. Another problem with items is that they heavily amplify snowballing. You die once, you opponent gets better items and can kill you more easily in the future. The game would be a lot more interesting if there always is a way to fight back. Past mistakes shouldn't remove your ability to duel your opponent in the future. As a result, the best course of action would be to remove items as well. No more Duskblade, no Spear of Shojin, only you and your stats to truly have an even fight with your opponent. **Champions** To make up for the lost stats every champion will have increased stat growths. However, since everybody knows damage is too high, defensive stats will be increased significantly, while offensive stats won't receive compensations. To combat mobility creep every dash gets reduced range and every movement speed buff is only half as effective. Lastly, manaless champions have an unfair advantage against other champions, so every champion is receiving mana costs for their abilities. **Roaming** With the need for gold removed we can tackle a less obvious problem in League: roaming. Especially in professional play, waveclear has become too much of a deciding factor for a champions viability. To allow more champions to blossom, minionwaves will only consist of a single minion with 90% damage reduction from towers and massive bonus damage if there is no enemy champion nearby, but waves will spawn more often to punish roaming more. If you ever get ganked by the entire team in botlane, feel save to know the enemy team will most likely lose some towers for it. **Jungle** The state of the jungle has been another major pain point for some time. Nobody wants to have another person to interfere with the duel on your lane. To prevent that from happening, every lane will be enclosed by impassable walls until two towers of that lane have fallen. It is expected for duel junglers to become quite strong, so as a preemptive countermeasure another set of impassable is placed between both jungle sides. Obviously, scuttle crab has to go to make room for it and Baron/Dragon spawns are moved to the middle of those walls. The walls will fall once a lane lost two towers. **Patches** Now for champion balance. Since the balance team obviously doesn't know what it's doing the community will rise to replace it. Every two weeks a thread will be created on the boards to vote on balance changes for the next patch. Every comment with more than 10 upvotes gets implemented. Simple, but effective. --- And just like that, we have a perfectly balanced League of Legends. Feel free to add suggestions if I missed something.
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