Hi, I am Bill Video Game. I am very distraught to find that the only champion in League of Legends, Fiddle-Sticks, to be disabled from play due to a "Bug". This has brought me to the edge of tears, as time and time again, Fiddelsticks has proven in being the best champion in the Champion roster pool. Seeing that he is disabled barres me from playing League of Legends in general due to him being the only champ in the game. Fiddlesticks has changed my life through his usage of the crow and the life drain, which resonants very well with the struggles encountered in life and the horrors seen day to day by the general population. Please Rito, have a soul And un-disable Fiddlesticks Sincerely, Bill Video Sticks EDIT : Fiddlesticks has no bugs. EDIT 2 : Good to see I am getting overwhelming support during these trying times. Edit 49 : I understand how severe the bug is, hence me posting this rant on the MEMES AND GAMES board.
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