The Skin Game

I want to try a new game. This game is very simple. I will start with a skin idea. The next person to respond will post which champion they feel would be best fit for the skin, then they post a skin idea. If you want to expand on how they champion's new skin and/or animations would look feel free to expand. Example : >Suggested Skin : Bride Champ : Runaway Bride Mundo Description : Mundo in a torn wedding dress. He runs around with a wilting bouquet of flowers, while wearing heels. His Q animation is him tossing the bouquet His W animation has a diamond ring sin around him His R will play here comes the bride once when activated BONUS EFFECT : If playing with Vayne using Heart Seeker skin on the same team Mundo will have hearts form over his head while around her. Suggested skin : Pool Shark .... AND GO! ....
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