LuX iS 0p!!! N3rF PL0x

IT isNt bEcause of AFTERsHocK, iZ bcUz h3r r00t is t00 fast aNd her Ult has n0 cOOLdown, NeRf LuxX MaH Silver 4 GaMeS, I G3t HiT by EverY UlT and Ro0t, NERF LUXXXXX, n0t Aft3r shocK...Aft3r Sh0ck is F1nE, EveN Th0 lUx only HaZ a Higher W1nRate wit After Sh0ck. BUT LUX OP!!!!!! neeeeeerf or I w1ll QuiT and Criiii {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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