What's your dumbest kill

I mean like what's a kill you've gotten that you were like "Wait how the hell did that happen?" or "Okay I didn't mean to do this but I'll take it." For me it was a bit back when Jhin came out and my team had just lost a teamfight when suddenly a few seconds later I hear an enemy has been slain. It was by one of my traps and the thing is this trap was by the entry to river from beaks near baron so I'm just wondering how the hell did this Ahri die? I mean this person had to step on a trap in the middle of nowhere,ignore it for 4 seconds, and no one on their team had to have done anything for this kill to happen and I know it was the trap because I saw it go off from fog and her corpse trap went off in the same spot. But yeah comment on the dumbest kills you guys have gotten over the years I'd like to know.
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