Best and worst feelings of URF

When that champ you wanna play finally isn't banned When you reach level 2 as Veigar When you go bot to avoid the enemy Jax and he shows up there anyway As AP Amumu, when you launch yourself at an enemy and you suddenly see 2 more appear behind him As Karthus, when the enemy team buys Zhonya's When a feeding enemy finally gets their act together and kicks your butt When your Anivia is really good, but they keep interrupting your channels and teleports When you're completely owning, but can't carry your entire team and lose When Nidalee hits you with a spear and starts lunging at you When somebody on your own team starts saying "gg ez" A Kayle, a Jax, and a Shaco walk into a lane... When (if) they announce URF as a permanent gamemode
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