The Most Favorite Champion of All Time [Voting Elimination] - Group A

Hello, who is your favorite champion? And who is the most favorite champion of all 137 champions? Let´s find out! I´ve created a bracked of all champions currently in the game. It will be up to you guys to decide who is the BEST champion. The **voting will last for 2 days**, then **2 champions with the most votes will make it to next round** and I will create another voting thread for Group B and so on, until there is only 1 winner. The full Bracked can be found on my [FaceBook]( / [Twitter]( or down below on the next link: []( So lets get to it. Here are the first 9 champions. Vote for your most favorite. Only 2 will make it to next round!:) You don´t have your favorite here? Then vote for the one you like the most:) If you have any questions, just ask:) PS: Only votes on this thread count. I won´t count any comments/votes on other pages, forums, etc. PSS: I use this Board, bcs I can´t post to General discussion, its bugged. RazyeLx **RESULTS:** []( If you would get bored, check out my [YouTube Channel]( Thanks to every support!:) Group B [HERE](
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