what champions are the best at cuddling?

iv thought about this for about 30 seconds maybe and so far id have to say the top 10 best cuddlers in no specific order are {{champion:40}} will never get too warm or cold cus her wind powers, basically the cold side of the pillow whenever you want. {{champion:201}} big, strong, will motivate you. ok with always being big spoon. {{champion:37}} knows the best music, calming presence. built in pillows. {{champion:16}} knows the most relaxing position by default, prob makes the best hot coco you will ever have. {{champion:44}} wise beyond his years, knows how to massage. ok with being big or little spoon. {{champion:98}} basically just taric. {{champion:350}} literally a cat. {{champion:518}} idk how that shoma stuff works but its prob nice to share, can literally shape shift, wants to know about ur day. {{champion:89}} radiates a calming warmness, makes you feel always protected. big spoon champion. {{champion:103}} fluffy tails. thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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