If League was Pokemon.

A wild {{champion:55}} appears! Go, {{champion:45}} ! The wild {{champion:55}} is watching carefully. {{champion:45}} used Event Horizon! It doesn't affect the wild {{champion:55}}... Wild {{champion:55}} used Shunpo! It's super-effective! {{champion:45}} has become confused! {{champion:45}} is confused... {{champion:45}} used Dark Matter! It doesn't affect the wild {{champion:55}} ... Wild {{champion:55}} used Preparation! Wild {{champion:55}}'s speed rose sharply! {{champion:45}} is confused... {{champion:45}} used Flash! But nothing happened! Wild {{champion:55}} used Death Lotus! A critical hit! It's super-effective! {{champion:45}} fainted... Summoner is out of useable champions. Summoner whited out...

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