Skin Idea for Zed and Yasuo

So, since I noticed something, from my last 30+ games (didn't bothered to check more), that there's an 100% chance to have at least 1 player who mains both Zed and Yasuo, and an 10000000000o000000% chance for there to be at least 1 Yasuo/Zed main. And such, I have an idea for these 2 champs. Yasu'oed - Yasuo wears Zed's armor. Zeduso - Zed wears Yasuo's armor. Skin animations, splash art and jokes: - Zeduso: - - Splash art shows Zed in Yasuo's stance. - - Dance has Zed do Yasuo's dance, leaning against his shadow. - - Joke 1: Tried to talk to a lady wearing this, no wonder he's called the Unforgiven. - - Joke 2: After wearing this, I can see why he's compensating with that huge sword. - Yasu'oed: - - Splash art depicts Yasuo in Zed's pose, with his katana in one hand and a bottle in the other - - Dance plays Zed's dance but with a wind clone instead of a shadow. - - Joke 1: Real men fight their battles fair, not sending their Shadows to fight while they coward away. - - Joke 2: All the forbidden power I need is a good drink, but he can't handle it, no wonder everyone calls him weak. As there are so many players who play both, why not allow them to enjoy both at once? Note: Players who have Zed and Yasuo as their 1st and 2nd (not 3rd) most played champions, regardless of order, get these skins for free.
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