You are now in a slice of life anime staring you and 3 champions you have played.

Your main is your best friend, your highest ranking female champion is your love interest, and your third highest ranking champion is your mortal enemy/rival. How does your show look? Main: {{champion:44}} Highest Ranking Female Champ: {{champion:61}} Third Highest Mastery Champion: {{champion:61}}??? Well, it would appear that do to very odd circumstances the woman I love is out to crush me in all things I do while I try to win her heart by beating her. Taric is my wing man and long time friend who is trying to help me with my quest, but tends to be distracted by the ladies who adore him. Still, even when Orianna is about to beat me, Taric is always right there on time. It's going to have a very quirky atmosphere (I mean the love of my life is my greatest rival, what else would you expect) but it can have it's heartfelt moments too.
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