Bring a third party character into League as a champion!

Name the character you'd like to see, where they're from, give them a role or two and a general idea how they would play. Add a picture if you can, not everyone is a expert on every fandom. Making a whole kit for them is optional, but is strongly encouraged. Make it as OP or garbage as you wish. Go as far as making your own mechanics if you want! This isn't gameplay, throw out all that balance crap out the window and have some fun with it! I'll start! **Noel Vermillion, the Successor of Azure** (Blazblue series) Fighter/Marksman. Melee and "ranged" A melee combo fighter who's abilities and auto attacks have projectile properties at very short range. Limited poke options, Noel is better at getting into people's face and delivering high damage combos at close range. **Resource: Heat** Noel generates heat by dealing and taking damage, gaining half as much heat by taking damage. Heat resets to zero upon recalling, but not walking into shop. **Passive : Chain Revolver** After 3 consecutive auto attacks or abilities, Noel enters Chain Revolver for the next 4 auto attacks. During Chain Revolver, Noel's abilities refresh and change, her auto attacks carry her toward her target while dealing slightly more damage and have greater attack speed. Using an ability or not attacking anything will end Chain Revolver. Noel takes a second to "reload" before making another action. No cooldown on Chain Revolver. **P2: Bolverk** Noel's auto attacks have projectile properties. **Q: Type VII Chamber Shot** Noel quickly transforms Bolverk into a shotgun and blasts the target in a AOE in front of her, knocking the target back. Others caught in the blast are knocked back to the side only slightly. If a enemy would collide with a wall, they are stunned for .75 seconds. **Q2: Type II Bloom Trigger** Noel jams one of her guns into the target and fires in a point blank blast, dealing increased damage and knocking back enemies. Upon collision with a wall, instead of stunning the target, they instead bounce off the wall and back to Noel. **W: Type XI Optic Barrel** Noel fires Bolverk at a target location, creating a point in space that explodes after a short delay, damaging targets struck and very briefly giving vision in the area for .5 seconds. **W2: Type V Assault Through** Noel dashes to target opponent and shoulder bashes them. If the target is 200 range or less, Noel dashes to the far side and slightly knocks them back in the direction she came from. If the target is more than 200 range, Noel instead continues forward and slightly knocks them back in the same direction Noel is traveling. **E: Type XIII Revolver Blast** Noel jumps in the air and spins, firing at all enemy units in all directions at close range. **E2: Type III Spring Raid** Noel knocks the target opponent up into the air with a kick. **R: Zero-Gun Thor** Noel jumps back into the air and rapidly fires at the ground at her old location, finishing with a rocket that knocks opponents in the air before landing. Costs 50% heat. **R2: Zero-Gun Fenrir** Noel transforms Bolverk into a minigun and jams the barrel forward. If the barrel connects with an opponent, that opponent is suppressed throughout the rest of Fenrir. In this case, Noel fires the minigun point blank and raises the opponent into the air, then transforms Bolverk into a crossbow to shoot the opponent out of the sky and knock them away from Noel. If the barrel does not connect with anyone, then instead Noel simply fires the minigun in the general direction in a narrow cone. Costs 50% heat. **TL:DR; Remember, don't take this seriously, and don't feel like you need to put any effort into this like I did. This is all in good fun. **

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