Who do you consider "League's Best Girl?"... i know what it makes me sound like but I'm curious...

(Disclaimer: Call me weeb trash if you want idc. I really dont watch anime save for RWBY, but K) http://img11.deviantart.net/f222/i/2012/080/4/f/sona_lol_by_kawailemon-d4tjirq.png Everyone has a "type" so im just curious, what do you perfer, {{champion:254}} , {{champion:103}} , {{champion:18}} , or even {{champion:421}} ? I'll have a Poll and include more popular picks while keeping it diverse. ____ Overall i'd assume the most generic response would be {{champion:103}} , the cute seductive fox girl probably gets the most attention and she is high up there for me. But overall its {{champion:37}} ... its hard not to find your main the Best ever... Yay Favoritism! --------- I know i might get hate for this but eh, i felt like posting this. https://media.giphy.com/media/SWjCswum5dc0E/giphy.gif EDIT: REMINDER- - THERES ONLY 10 SPOTS, I COULDNT FIT EVERYONE!
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