[ENDED] Doors of Fate Q&A - Skins Team Concept Artists

{{champion:34}} **Q&A is closed! Thanks for participating and we hope you got the answers you sought!** It's a cloudy, foggy day here in California. *tips hat* It's a good day for a Q&A. http://i.imgur.com/mJrurLF.jpg *blue card cuts the mists, they swirl in protest* *a splash of mana, a bit of magic, and several mystical figures emerge* * The Bravo Ray, Senior Concept Artist * RiotPenguin, Evil Concept Artist * RiotZeronis, Concept Artist * RoadkillsRevenge, Concept Artist * Paulewog, Concept Artist * Other skins team minions such as RiotMindbullets, Dev Manager; Riot Baconhawk, QA Analyst; Riot Whist, Animator *they stand side-by-side, armed with Cintiq styluses, watching silently, waiting* Suddenly the Announcer calls out loudly over the Rift: **"CONCEPT ARTISTS HAVE SPAWNED"** It's time for Q&A! Rules: 1. Universal Board Rules in effect. [(Read 'em here)](http://community.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/site-feedback/QMLzFo0N-universal-rules-updated-6102014). 2. Wheaton's law. (Don't be...rude.) 3. Understand these guys are concept artists on Skins team. Try to keep your questions centered around that topic! 4. Please understand Concept Art is at the beginning of our production pipeline, so there will be some questions we either cannot answer or prefer not to. Be kind to the artists. (But still feel free to ask). *sizzles expectantly* Ask away! Edit: Here we are, beating The Bravo Ray with the official mascots of the Skins Team, the dolphin and baconshark. Gotta keep his love for Swain in check~ http://i.imgur.com/nhNFoPM.jpg
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