What will happen at Pax this year drawn by yours truly

Setting: Pax West 2018, Daniel has managed to become the security in-front of the door to riot's section and is letting people in when I attempt to walk in. Please Enjoy my art. https://imgur.com/a/g3YydRz https://imgur.com/a/CC7XNdf https://imgur.com/a/lV1Htik https://imgur.com/a/FrxBhjr https://imgur.com/a/MlTEox9 https://imgur.com/a/aMuXOVI https://imgur.com/a/rCzk1ji https://imgur.com/a/alesJD3 https://imgur.com/a/frYK9dn https://imgur.com/a/I10XuBs Thank you for reading my comic.
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