Laughing Fish's 40k lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)

Greetings loved ones and fellow summoners! It is I, The Laughing Fish, here with a message: I have just hit 40,000 lifetime upvotes! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have decided to give out some free skins. How does one get a free skin you might ask? I was about to tell you before you so rudely interrupted. Anyway, getting a free skin is easy: Simply post an upvote gif below! Oh, and **say my name**. I am not joking, if you do not say my name you cannot win. Prizes One: A mystery skin given to a random commenter Prize Two: A mystery champion given to the commenter with the most upvotes on this tread Prize Thee: If this thread reaches 100 upvotes, another mystery skin will be given to a random commenter Prize Four: If this thread reaches 200 upvotes, a final mystery skin will go to a random commenter Winners will be announced Wednesday, and the prizes will be sent out on Thursday! **The contest is now closed! Winners will be chosen shortly (there is a lot of comments to sort through). Thank you all for the support :D** #Winners have been chosen! Go to for more information.
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