Thoughts on Immobile Carries

From a concerned main, We all know that immobile carries are the best ever in League, but some people are saying that we should rely on our team instead of being strong enough to fight ourselves. Well I say... What if you get a horrid team! You know all of the raging on the boards of bad teammates. Immobile carries relying on their team would be a final nail in the coffin for immobile carries. If we go this path then immobile carries will cease to exist in soloque. It would be the worst balance deal in the history of balance deals, ever. Everyone and their grandma would play mobile adcs, then we would create more of a mobility issue, because without immobile targets assassins would fall out of favor, and if we lose two whole classes in this game then people would get depressed and quit, and if they get depressed, THEY MAY NOT GO TO WORK THE NEXT DAY, LEADING TO THE COLLAPSE OF THE ECONOMY!!!! Is that what you want?!?! Backstory: About a months ago, I told a friend in Discord that I would make this post and put it in Gameplay. I forgot. Anyway this is a completely pointless memepost/copypasta/whatever so ignore and go on your day. And if you read this far you get a cookie. I suppose this would be a satire of gameplay posts, but it's a month late so it likely isn't relevant anymore. But hey, I told my bud I would post it.
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