Missions are a Joke

Missions should actually challenge the people taking them on. What is this "Win a game with/as/or against a Noxian Champion" or "Play a game where you've placed at least 1 control ward" nonsense? Give us a real challenge, Riot! How about something like these? * **From the Grave:** Win 3 games with 10 or more deaths (matchmade only) * **Team Effort:** Win a game with a full AP team or full AD team (matchmade only) * **Feeling Flashy:** Play 5 games where you use emotes 100+ times (matchmade only) * **Flash Mastery:** Win a game with {{summoner:4}} equipped without using it (matchmade only) * **Tons of Damage:** Win a game with 3+ {{item:3078}} in your inventory (matchmade only) * **Seeing is Believing:** Win a game with 10 or less wards placed as a team (matchmade only) * **Faceplant:** Play a game where you flash into a wall 10+ times (matchmade only) * **Against The Odds:** Win a Summoner's Rift game when enemy team has 3+ dragon buffs (matchmade only) Or even better, a full list of missions for all champions that are living hell. For example: {{champion:30}} **Press R to Sin:** Win a game as Karthus without using your ultimate ability (matchmade only) What can you guys come up with?
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