There's a lot of tension in the air right now so let's play a little game, design your own champion!

Rules of the game: You're only allowed to use existing and currently patched abilities from champions. You must specify wither they are ranged or melee and assume their stats are specified for their role. You can only use champion's abilities on the ability slot they are currently assigned to, eg. You can't have Ezreal's E jump on your monstrosities Q. So here's my own monstrosity; Melee champion {{champion:34}} Passive (Egg form upon death) {{champion:64}} Q (Jump ability, insane mobility) {{champion:142}} W (Steal summoners) {{champion:113}} E (4 Autoattacks, stun and do a big chunk of damage) {{champion:6}} R (Get over here!) Truly horrifying imo, not as horrifying as Tahm kench though. Show me what you got B)
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