Roaming Teemo Support 3-Step Guide

Step 1: Make sure you don't discuss with your teammates what you're doing. This will ensure that when they report you for griefing, it's legitimate. If you discuss it and they ask you not to do it because it doesn't work with the team composition, do it anyway and blame them when you go negative and lose! Step 2: When questioned about whether or not you care about being a team player, respond with, "I don't give a fuck about them, they can dodge if they don't like it. I'm playing this game for me and everyone who doesn't bow down to my whims can fuck off." * Optional Step 2.5: When mentioning your performance, boost the win rate about 20%, that way when it turns out you actually lose a majority of the time, you can fall back on people who believed you without checking. Step 3: When correctly punished for griefing, remember to whine and call anyone who reported you a **ck-sucker on the boards, twitch, and twitter. -- But ONLY if it was a popular streamer with a lot of haters. This will not work if you try it against someone beloved by the majority or unknown. **** #Follow these simple steps, and you too can have continuous loss streaks that demote you an entire League that you have to make up for by playing Leona properly. Just like our pal Nubrac!
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