Welcome, welcome, welcome. Come, sit by the fire, want a drink? Need some food? Good, good. Now let me tell you ~~sods~~ fortunate souls my proposition. I am Hades, diplomat of the Queen’s Army. I have come here to recruit people for a friendly group. A group of friends, of memers, of lurkers, of everyone, even Rioters should they ever visit our ~~dark little hole~~bright shining community. Let me first tell you about what we are, and do, before you start deciding. Let’s start with something important about us. We like to play, we play mind games with each other, we play League games, and we play Roleplaying games. Yes, you heard me, roleplaying games. * There are two forms of Roleplaying in our group. 1.Open Improvisation Roleplaying, multiple text channels in Discord will feature locations in Runeterra. In these locations people can pretend to be there in the form of their character. What. happens. is. up. to. you. Of course, basic fighting rules apply, so don’t kill anyone unless you revive them. 2.Closed Dungeon Roleplaying, these Roleplaying sessions are similar to Dungeons and Dragons (Absolutely no idea how they go. So walk me through it some time). People will be able to sign up at various pits of doom taverns. The DM will give the attendees the missions. Also, these missions will run at certain times. ( ) Players will have certain weapons, spells, armor, etc… that work within a set perimeter. RP credits might be earned, and cashed out. Warning, the wage per mission is like 25 cents, after successfully passing them. 3.While we are planning to be an army, you know that whole excell, and being the best stuff just like in League. We cannot all be champions, with 3 squadrons which would be abotu 120-150 people, there just aren’t enough champions. So it is advised to create your own champion. 4.Just a little warning, the world is still being set up, but once we have recreated Runeterra, we will help you create character sheets. This is so you can join Runeterra in an orderly manner. * We are also going to have squadrons, as mentioned a bit earlier. These squadrons will be made up out of veterans and grunts (You new guys). The veterans will guide the grunts into the (dis)orderly manner of living we have. * We have officers…. like a lot of officers, to handle people, to promote us, and to kill any trouble makers. The list of officer positions Police Officer (Moderator) Discord Manager (Keeps everything tidy in Discord.) PR/Recruitment Officer Squadron Leaders Competition Developers (These guys have to organize competitions among the squadrons. They will also make competitions for the guys within the squadrons.) Coaches (Excerpt from a previous post made by Airman. "Coaching is something I want to make readily available (from Plat+, mostly Diamond, players). When I was a lower elo player, I always wanted a way to get constant coaching with easy access to it (and not needing to pay money). Sometime next week I shall be setting up a calendar where coaches can present their free time and what lanes and champs they are most comfortable with coaching and individual members can easily sign up for a spot. An officer will dictate restrictions on how much coaching one can get and also helps coordinate coaches with their availability after I finish setting this up." ) Coach organizer If you really want to know more about it, go to this link. We just have a couple of disclaimers. Nothing serious 1) this is called an army because it makes it easier to roleplay since a lot of our characters are fighters (like LoL champions). An army fits their personality and want to fight better. 2) "Queen's Army" is a harry potter reference 3) Your roleplaying character does nto have to be a league of Legends champion and it is encouraged to not have it be a LoL champ, since after we get 3 club room- I mean squadrons up and running, which will be around 147 people, there are not enough champions for everyone. 4) This isn't a place where everything goes. We have moderators and we have rules to make this a fun, appropriate and comfortable place for everyone. Should you be a jerk, unappropriate, or downright just trying to ruin the fun for people on purpose, there will be consquences. 5) Lurkers are welcome. This place represents M&G and is for M&G. As long as you agree to follow the rules and are a memer you are welcome here. If you wish to join, please comment your consent on this thread. I will be in touch with you then. _Soldier Dakm102 wrote “well that it is crazy and awesome and just a great place to be”_ _Officer Rubick x Sona wrote “a group that likes to have fun, seriously this was just a league rp/coaching, and then tf hired me to sing, i sung with all my power and awoke my brother now he also wants to join it cause he likes the idea “_ _Soldier Jayhog1992 wrote “"A bunch of RPers, mostly founded by NA board memers that roleplay the champions they main."”_ _Soldier Huck me Farder wrote “"Solahri drama, insulting moles, and mostly rp. Couldn't ask for a better group."”_ _Officer Malicious Metal wrote “we're special little snowflakes, alright”_ Now, I realize this is the M&G boards. Therefore I will give you memes, however old or bad they may be. Just to feed you ~~crazy people~~ fortunate souls. When you see the champion you hate most (I am looking at you Yasuo) Fighting a fed Shyvana People who see a champion that shouldn't support
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