What playing Kled feels like.

[](https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-HTthG1c-dFQ/V5EIKAfH_ZI/AAAAAAAA89E/mEKUPWdXT_gufnd98YZnzJrKGSJd6vRkgCLcB/s1600/434.png) When Skarl leaves you. http://im.ezgif.com/tmp/ezgif.com-96eb390c05.gif When Skarl comes back in a fight. https://i.imgur.com/1MxmDPJ.jpg When your courage bar is full but Skarl comes just a bit too late. http://im.ezgif.com/tmp/ezgif.com-b2bbc44f1d.gif When you ult the enemy team but your team doesn't follow. https://media.giphy.com/media/LlH2OENCBxhJe/giphy.gif When you're dismounted but fed and someone chases you. http://im.ezgif.com/tmp/ezgif.com-7ebe64ed72.gif
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