"Shut up, Zilean...."

[](http://31.media.tumblr.com/83ac82640a94e1ba0591efc41b64886b/tumblr_n5f0n9M9ZI1tz166ko1_400.gif) {{champion:122}} Damn... the basketball team just lost our second star player after me... our defence is gonna take a hit. {{champion:26}} Maybe you should have outsourced! HEHEHE! {{champion:122}} Shut up, Zilean! I heard about how Time itself called you gramps! {{champion:26}} *Sticks out tongue and makes a farting noise* ____________________________________________________________ {{champion:36}} Mundo fail chemistry... why Mundo fail chemistry... {{champion:27}} You won't fail... here, I'll help you bring up your grade. {{champion:26}} Maybe you should've thought about that... or think in general! {{champion:27}} Shut up, Zilean! I heard the raptor camp had hatchlings in your beard! {{champion:26}} Ain't no such thing as bad press! _____________________________________________ {{champion:98}} Hm... the physical education teacher does not seem to like me. {{champion:84}} Maybe she'll come around. I heard she's harsh on men because of her ex. {{champion:26}} Maybe you should take his place! {{champion:84}} Shut up, Zilean. I heard from Ekko that you do Doctor Who impressions in your sleep! {{champion:26}} Eh, he loves it and he knows it! ___________________________________________________________ {{champion:112}} My invention seems to have failed once again... I feel defeated in a sense. {{champion:74}} Do not worry, all great victories start with failure! {{champion:26}} Maybe you should change your name to DEFEAT-or! {{champion:74}} Silence, Zilean! It was made aware to me your favorite pasttime is entertaining the nearby pre-school with santa impressions whilst being half-naked! {{champion:26}} ...touche. _____________________________________________________________ {{champion:92}} Hey, did you hear about the new lunch menu? {{champion:80}} I'm excited to see if my bread recipe made the list! {{champion:26}} I don't thing "burnt bread" would ever make the menu! {{champion:92}} Shut up, Zilean! I heard about your prescription leg warmers! {{champion:26}} *Looks angry, storms off with his tiny backpack* ______________________________________________________________ {{champion:104}} Dang, where's my nicotine gum... {{champion:26}} Heh, only little pansies chew that garbage! {{champion:104}} Shut up, Zilean! I saw you at the carnival yesterday. I heard you got kicked out for being at the apple bobbing station for 4 and a half hours! {{champion:26}} I was hungry, damn it! _______________________________________________________________ {{champion:24}} Hey, check out this stick I made in arts & crafts! {{champion:11}} Hm... ooh, is that a metal edge? {{champion:114}} Knowing you, you would be able to wield that absurdly long staff. {{champion:26}} Looks like someone's compensating for something! {{champion:24}} Shut up, Zilean! I heard your time bombs are made from your piss! What's the point of doing that?!? {{champion:26}} Well, just think about that every time you go to eat your biscuits of rejuv... hehe... __________________________________________________________________ {{champion:26}} Well, today was a good day. {{champion:245}} Shut up, Zilean. It's 3 AM and you're trying to extract magic from the lava lamp again? {{champion:26}} Go to sleep, Dark Pitt. {{champion:245}} I swear to christ I'm gonna kill you one of these days, you old fart. {{champion:26}} I love you too. {{champion:245}} Aaaaand I'm sleeping outside now. {{champion:26}} ...Shut up, Zilean.
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