Gragas is an unhealthy Champion.

Okay, recently I've been reading about how Zoe, Akali,Yasuo etc are unhealthy champions. But I wanted to point out how Gragas is probably one of the most unhealthy Champion in game. I mean, just look at him. He's overweight/obese, have drinking addiction which further puts him to many risks of medical conditions. I'm surprised he still have a working liver at this point. Even during death battles where he is on verge of dying, he won't stop drinking. Moreover, he is most of the time half naked and roaming in jungle, I bet he must have caught some infections/germs etc. At the age he is, Alcohol and such Cholesterol level is so unhealthy, I'm shocked how it is even acceptable. I hope RIOT could notice how unhealthy this champ is and give him proper medical care and rehab if possible. Thank you.
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