The life of a Sona main

{{champion:67}} : *various swearing and cursing and other obscenities directed at Sona* {{champion:37}} : {{champion:92}}: "Is Sona okay?" {{champion:102}}: "I'm not sure, she always seems to have a smile on her face even in the worst situations, but after hearing all that she has to be mad....right?" {{champion:89}} : *covers Ashe's ears.* {{champion:22}} : "Leona......I'm not a child." {{champion:89}} : "I'm protecting your ears from these hateful words." {{champion:22}} : *Sigh* {{champion:103}} : "I dunno it seems pretty tame compared to what we do on Friday nights." {{champion:92}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:102}} : {{champion:22}} : "What, what is it what did Ahri say?" {{champion:103}} : Don't give me that look, like you and Shyvana are any better Riven." {{champion:102}} {{champion:92}} : *Random babbling* {{champion:103}} : You and Diana are the worst of all though Leona. {{champion:89}} :
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