If Champions had mundane occupations in today's society.

{{champion:119}} Overpaid Actor. {{champion:268}} CEO of a very successful restaurant chain {{champion:9}} self explanatory... {{champion:33}} DMV {{champion:105}} Acrobat {{champion:85}} Electrician {{champion:75}} Incredibly successful Farming merchant. {{champion:112}} Apple store technician {{champion:101}} Battery {{champion:421}} Top paid super model {{champion:25}} Food Network cook. {{champion:57}} A Tree... {{champion:202}} Professional Golfer {{champion:40}} Weather lady That suspiciously only accurately predict Tornadoes. {{champion:106}} Park Ranger {{champion:117}} Great at kids' birthday parties {{champion:432}} Drug dealer... {{champion:103}} maybe I shouldn't... {{champion:28}} not this one either.... {{champion:17}} Insurance salesman.
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